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Advantages of gantry rotating arm film wrapping machine
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With the increasing demand for packaging both domestically and internationally, winding packaging machinery has been constantly updated in recent years. Traditional tray winding machines are gradually unable to meet customer packaging needs, and the new gantry rotating arm winding machine has been applied. Compared to tray winding machines, the specific advantages are as follows



1、 Faster speed:

The rotating arm winding machine has faster wrapping speed and higher packaging efficiency. It can meet the needs of high-capacity industries such as daily chemical, food, beverage, chemical fiber, and brick making.

2、 Security:

1. Safety maintenance of goods; A typical winding machine involves goods following the rotation of the pallet, and both the rotation and stopping of the pallet affect the stability of the pallet. Collapse and scattering of the pallets may occur. Due to different packaging methods, the rocker arm machine effectively avoids these problems.

2. Operational safety; The arm is located on the inner side of the rack for maintenance. It is equipped with a protective strap and an emergency stop eye, and can be surrounded by a fence. The entrance and exit are equipped with mesh doors to ensure the safe operation of the entire machine.

3、 Availability:

The use of a rocker arm machine can eliminate the need to consider the load-bearing capacity of the pallet. Generally, a pallet machine rotates the pallet to drive the wrapping film packaging, which significantly reduces its lifespan when carrying heavy items. If a rocker arm machine is used, the tray does not require any support when placed on the ground, so the rocker arm machine can be used for any weight of the stamp.

4、 Customizable:

The application range of the rocker arm machine is very wide, and it can pack various types of pallets. The structure and width of the steel frame can be adjusted according to different goods. The rocker arm machine can also be combined with the top covering film machine to create a rocker arm top covering and wrapping integrated machine, which has a wider application range and can meet the packaging needs of more non-standard products.

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