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How to use the winding machine?
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Introduction to winding machine:

The wrapping packaging machine (automatic pre stretching) is a new type of wrapping film packaging machine, which is easy to operate, stable and reliable, and has beautiful packaging effects, fully meeting the export packaging requirements of (European CE); This equipment is widely used in industries such as glass products, hardware tools, electronic appliances, paper making, ceramics, chemicals, food, beverages, building materials, etc. It can improve packaging efficiency, reduce losses during transportation, and has advantages such as dustproof, moisture-proof, and reduced packaging costs, making it an ideal choice for intensive packaging.

Winding machine application:

Widely used in foreign trade exports, food and beverage, plastic chemicals, glass ceramics, mechanical and electrical castings and other products, it can prevent damage to goods during transportation and play a dustproof, moisture-proof, and cleaning role.

Working principle of winding machine:

The working principle of a winding machine is to place the wrapped object in the center of the turntable, start the turntable motor to rotate, naturally driving the turntable to rotate, enabling the object to achieve the peripheral winding film machine. At the same time, the elevator motor also starts, and the winding machine drives the entire combination of the winding and bundling machine to move up and down to achieve the winding of the object in the height direction. This achieves the wrapping and packaging of the entire surface of the object. This is not only conducive to the storage of goods The packaging requirements for transportation and mechanized loading and unloading operations can prevent damage to the goods during transportation, play a dust-proof, moisture-proof, and cleaning role, reduce production costs, and improve production efficiency. During the winding process, the main adjustment is to adjust the film tension and threading. Generally, the film tension can be achieved by adjusting the rotation speed of the turntable and the motor.

Correct operation steps for winding machine:

1. The machine is in its initial position, fix the film on the turntable or cargo, and press the automatic operation button;

2. The rotary table starts to accelerate to the highest speed, and the film automatically outputs with the rotation of the rotary table. At the same time, the rotary table counts, and when the bottom set value is reached, the film rack begins to rise.

3. When the film frame rises until the photoelectric switch cannot reach the goods, the film frame stops rising after a set time delay. The number of times the film frame goes up and down is counted once, and the rotary table continues to operate. The rotary table counts. When the set number of top turns is reached, the film frame descends, and when it reaches the bottom, the film frame stops. The number of times the film frame goes up and down is counted again, and the number of bottom turns is counted.

When the number of times from top to bottom reaches the set value, the packaging process is completed. The turntable slowly descends and stops at the initial detection point.

Performance characteristics of winding machine:

* The Meiqisi PLC can be programmed to control the operation of the entire machine, and the number of winding coils at the top and bottom can be adjusted respectively; The number of times the membrane frame can be adjusted up and down.

* The Meiqi Si digital text operation screen and button type operation panel make the operation more convenient and simple.

* Automatically detect the height of tray materials, and automatically detect and display faults.

* Local enhanced winding function can provide special protection for a certain part.

* The overall rotating sprocket design structure features a star shaped arrangement of wear-resistant supporting wheels for low noise operation.

* The rotary table Meiqi Si variable frequency speed regulation, slow start and slow stop automatic reset.

* The membrane frame power pre tensioning mechanism (with a stretching ratio of 1:3) makes it easy to pull the membrane out; Automatic alarm for film breakage and exhaustion.

* The number of pallets of materials that can be self recorded for packaging

* Adopting a double chain structure, the lifting speed of the membrane frame can be adjusted; To control the overlap ratio of the membrane.

*The pre stretched film holder rubber roller adopts an imported wear-resistant belt - the wrapped film will not have punctures or cracks after being stretched by the rubber roller

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